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Her drug-taking, bisexual exploits at the time have been well documented.

She and Bowie divorced in 1980 and Jones hasn’t seen his mother, who now lives in Arizona, for years.‘I was there for five years before I was asked to leave one week before we were meant to after I had slept through most of my A-levels. I’ve never really gone into it with Dad as to why he decided Gordonstoun was the right place for me to go. It was fairly austere and they still maintained that disciplined regime – the morning runs and the cold showers. I was just trying to survive.’ A procession of celebrities – and accompanying newspaper headlines detailing lurid stories about Bowie’s own bisexuality and drug abuse – trooped through their lives, but true to Jones’s nonchalant attitude to fame, they made little or no impression. I remember him coming out to Switzerland to see Dad and I was a huge Madness fan – I wanted the black-and-white clothes they used to wear.

It had the little Kodak cartridges that you stick in, and I remember it had the ability to shoot one-stop animation.

Source Code is a striking sci-fi thriller with Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens, a U. soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man travelling in a train that's about to be targeted by a terrorist ‘I was about seven and we’d watch these big adventure movies like The Sea Hawk, a pirate movie with Errol Flynn, or James Cagney movies on video. Dad introduced me to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the original Baron Munchausen. It’s amazing – you haven’t seen anything like this before.” I was eight when he showed me A Clockwork Orange. The first is his award-winning debut, Moon, a tiny £3 million-budget, exquisitely shot, nightmarish tale of an astronaut on the last days of his mining mission. But Jones is not, and never wanted to be, Bowie Mark II. And it is testimony to Bowie that he nurtured and supported his son, helping him find his own creative path through life. At 40, Jones is the hottest director in Hollywood, thanks to two sci-fi films.‘He tried to get me to learn the drums but I didn’t want to. He slips through the reception area of the plush, discreet and trendy London hotel where we meet without attracting a second glance. The Bafta Jones received for Moon provided the perfect calling card to major Hollywood studios, swiftly resulting in the critically acclaimed Source Code.

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