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Before POSNER and FLAUM, Circuit Judges, and ALONSO, District Judge. § 1343, was sentenced to 120 months in prison (the statutory maximum is twice that—20 years), and appeals. But that is an accurate description of the defendant's victims, or at least of many of them. Sullivan, supra, 765 F.3d at 717, the defendant targeted elderly and unsophisticated people—and admitted to the police that she'd been advised to concentrate on people who were vulnerable and wanted someone to listen to them. The richer the potential criminal haul, the greater the need for long sentences even if one acknowledges as one must that many criminals have very high discount rates, which means they attach little importance to costs or benefits likely to be realized only in what they consider the far future, such as during the second half of a 10-year prison sentence.

* The defendant pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud, 18 U. Over a period of approximately 20 months from 2013 to 2015 she and her accomplices defrauded a number of persons in the United States and Canada whom they had met on dating websites. 1996), the schemers, including the defendant, “repeatedly victimiz[ed] some of the same people” by hitting them up for money again and again. The elderly are a frequent target of scammers and frequently qualify as vulnerable victims. Age, lack of sophistication, and personal loss (one was a widow and another had lost his entire family) on the part of the victims, coupled with the defendant's skillful employment of electronic media, rendered her targets helpless—proof they were unusually vulnerable. Her lawyer said at the sentencing hearing that his client had targeted people “because they were older and had money.” As in United States v. 2010), “she became intimately familiar with her marks before she let them continue in her scheme because she wanted to ensure she only preyed upon the most vulnerable.”The district judge emphasized that the defendant had “targeted people of a certain age and older, ․ some ․ as old as 71 or 66, and so ․ they were arguably vulnerable by virtue of the[ir] age. That's likely to make them difficult to deter even by the threat or imposition of long sentences.

Although the victim of a scheme to defraud is likely to be vulnerable—that is, deficient in the experience, common sense, or support group that prevents most people from falling victim to scam artists—the guideline enhancement is limited to the “unusually” vulnerable victim. The scheme in which the defendant participated was extremely lucrative, and even if the slogan attributed (probably incorrectly) to P. Barnum that “There's a sucker born every minute” is an exaggeration, it is obvious that in this nation of 324 million people a very large number of persons are unusually vulnerable to scams, a fact that magnifies the prospective profits of the scammers (unless there are too many of them).

The defendant objects to that enhancement but to nothing else in the sentence, such as the conditions of supervised release that the judge imposed, the restitution that he ordered, or even the 23 months that the judge added to the top of the defendant's guidelines range. One factor is the need for the sentence “to afford adequate deterrence to criminal conduct.” § 3553(a)(2)(B).

Fourteen submitted victim-impact statements, where we read, for example, in four of them: (1) “the emotional and mental anguish they have caused me was so profound that I attempted to kill myself to make everything go away.” (2) “I had invested a large amount of money into retirement accounts and was able to live a comfortable life. It has been a terrible blow to my self-esteem and I suffer bouts of depression and generalized anxiety. Section 3A1.1(b) of the guidelines requires a vulnerable-victim enhancement if, as explained in the Sentencing Commission's commentary on the rule, the victim of a defendant's crime is “unusually vulnerable due to age, physical or mental condition, or ․ is otherwise particularly susceptible to the criminal conduct,” and the defendant “knows or should have known of the victim's unusual vulnerability.” U. Not only is a federal judge not bound to give a sentence within the applicable guidelines range; he is not permitted to do so without first considering the sentencing factors in 18 U. Granted, she is likely to be deported upon her release from prison, because she is not an American citizen (she is Nigerian, and almost certain to be deported to Nigeria).

I have been unable to share the burden of this mistake I've made with any of my family.” (4) “There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about this.”At sentencing a federal judge is required to compute the defendant's guidelines range though not required to give a sentence within that range, as distinct from having to give a sentence within the statutory sentencing range. Yet, deportation may not prevent her from continuing to prey on Americans. She will have the skills that she put to such use so effectively in this case, she'll still have those skills. ․ And so I think that one of the things that I have to do is protect the public for a particularly long period of time, because I think that Ms.

Those with more serotonin she calls Builders, and they are calm, conscientious, dutiful and loyal.

She calls people with high levels of estrogen Negotiators because they are sympathetic, intuitive, imaginative and have good people skills.

''Then I talked to his wife, and out of nowhere, she says, 'I'm still madly in love with my husband,' which made me even more astounded.'' " HELEN FISHER admits that she was dumbfounded when a friend told her one night when they were out for dinner that he was still, after many years of marriage, madly in love with his wife. ''Then I talked to his wife, and out of nowhere, she says, 'I'm still madly in love with my husband,' which made me even more astounded.'' It was then, she said, that she knew the time was right to take up an offer made by, one of the largest Internet dating services, to be the company's scientific adviser for its new service,

I think it will be the first big analysis, scientific analysis, of a great deal of data on this. Whatever it is will be enormously interesting to me.'' The purpose of is to link potential dates through an evaluation of their chances for romantic love. Fisher through her most recent book, ''Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love'' (Henry Holt, 2004). Fisher tries to make connections between the amount of several chemicals in the body -- dopamine, testosterone, estrogen and serotonin -- and whether they attract or repel potential mates. Fisher then translated the chemical/biological part of her work into personality traits and came up with four basic types of people.

Explorers have an excess of dopamine, which makes them curious, energetic, creative and optimistic.

The judge didn't stop with the guidelines enhancement, however; deeming it inadequate given the gravity of the defendant's defrauding of her 21 victims, he sentenced her to 10 years in prison—23 months above the top of her guidelines range, which was, as noted above, 97 months including the vulnerable-victim enhancement.

And so I think that I have to pay some attention to protecting the public, and I also think that the crime that Ms.

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''Those four categories corresponded with my understanding of the brain systems.

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