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Let me add, I believe it’s extremely disrespectful for Harper Collins and Lita Ford to liken our situation to such a legendary woman that survived what could be described as life threatening abuse.JG: I’ll get you a copy but if you remember, even in the sheriff’s report it mentions that James and Rocco said their mother was violent and their father was not.Los Angeles — Last week we published an article on the widely publicized divorce between Lita Ford and Jim Gillette.

In our initial interview we asked Jim a few basic questions and he answered. After a full week music fans online have had their chance to jump in on social networks as they all arm chair quarterback for their favorite.

I have since realized that in today’s world silence can be mistaken for guilt.

It is with this thought in mind and at the urging of James and Rocco, that I’ve decided it was time to defend our family.

JIM GILLETTE: I was really hoping that our last interview would stop Lita Ford from continuing her relentless public smear campaign. There’s an old saying that the truth shall set you free.

Because Lita refuses to stop with her odious and defamatory allegations and due to the fact that I’m not a fan of “he said / she said”, it is my sincere hope that the attached Sheriff’s report will remove any and all doubt regarding why my ex-wife is not allowed to see our sons and why I have sole legal and physical custody. Well in this case, the truth – and a court order – set James and Rocco free.

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